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WhatsApp was released for a variety of mobile platforms, but computer owners were able to access their accounts using the web client which was introduced lat year. However, users needed to run the application on their smartphones, to visit from their PC and to scan the QR code with the phone’s camera. Messages from the phone were mirrored on PC, but the client didn’t offer all features of the mobile version. Apparently, soon, WhatsApp intends to release a native app for Windows PC and OS X, as well as the video calling feature.

WABetaInfo has posted some screenshots on its Twitter account containing translation requests made by the WhatsApp team for the clients for Windows and OS X. If these images will prove to be legit, then WhatsApp will have a native app for these two desktop platforms. In the screenshots can be seen phrases such as “Download for Windows”, “Download for Mac OS X” and “versions supported by WhatsApp Native client”, but there are no other details that can confirm the authenticity of the images. WhatsApp hasn’t given any statement yet, but it could be testing out the idea and maybe soon it will be materialized.

Recently, it was rumored that WhatsApp will get a “call back” button as well, which will inform users that they have a missed call and they will call back their friends. Another possible new feature is voicemail, which will allow users to send a voice message to someone who’s offline. In the near future might be introduced the option to send and receive zip files and to make video calls, as there have been published new screenshots of the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS showing a Video Call icon on top right of the chat screen. We’re talking about version, which will be released soon, but this is a beta version and only owners of jailbroken iPhones with Cydia installed on them can install it.