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Viber is a very popular messaging application that can be installed on mobile devices and computers and with it users can make voice calls for free to their Viber friends. The application has a large number of active users on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and now that Microsoft is focusing on its latest Windows 10 Mobile OS, which started rolling out to many Lumia smartphones, Viber has released a new update for this operating system.

Viber hasn’t provided a change log with all the changes that have been made to version 6.0 for Windows 10 Mobile, but some users have reported that they’ve noticed a few performance improvements and bug fixes, but the video calling feature is not available for this build. The update can be downloaded from the Windows Store and users who already installed version 6.0 have posted screenshots of it on the Windows Central forums.

Replicant01 is one of the Viber users who shared his impressions about the latest update, saying that he has mostly positive impressions, but he isn’t fully satisfied with it. “My only issue is that my live tile counter for new messages in the Viber live tile is not displaying new messages at all, thus my lock screen counter for new Viber messages is not displaying anything, and neither is glance screen. My Lumia 950 is vibrating on incoming messages, banners are also displayed correctly, everything else is working fine. But in case I don’t see the banner or don’t hear / feel the sound or vibration, I am not aware of new messages, I have to wake up the device and look in the action center…” has added Replicant01.

Viber’s developers have made this beta update available only for Windows 10 Mobile, but there’s no word yet about the beta version for Windows 10 PC testers. A while ago, Viber has promised that it will release a universal application for both platforms and we’re curious if they’ll keep their word.