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Recently, Viber has launched its beta version for Windows 10 mobile for testing through the Windows Store and now it has improved this version and named it 6.0. Apart from that, it gave it a brand new design. What I mean by that is that Viber also added many new background options in the background selection panel, meant as public chat support. My favorite one so far are the two cute giraffes and several fantasy landscapes.

The beta version was rewritten as a universal Windows app and it’s a whole lot faster than its Windows based counterpart Windows Phone 8.1 – Viber 6.0 is essentially better in terms of start-up speed and usability. Furthermore, it was programmed for one-handed usage and it has a lot of controls on the bottom of the screen to support that, which turns the hamburger button into mere “back button”.

Because the app is still a beta, it doesn’t have all of the features that we have experienced with Viber for PCs, iOS and Android such as encrypted chats and video calls. Also, although, it was designed as a universal Windows app, this beta form only works on Windows 10 mobile – no word on it being available for PCs with Windows 10 or tablets and this comes in the context of it being demo’d over a year ago on a Windows PC at the Microsoft Build 2015 conference.

What is in fact important about this app is that it has voice calling included for testing which is a very desirable feature for messaging apps.

Finally, although the update is limited for now, and it can only be used by Windows 10 mobile users who registered for the Viber beta version, it will arrive to you soon when the Viber on your device will receive the update.