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If you’re a fan of The Sims 4, you’ve probably heard that the next game pack will be restaurant-themed. You might even already have watched the video trailer for the game pack and spotted some of the clues that the Maxis team have left for fans to uncover (such as the tragic clown).

But you have to realize that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Developer Maxis and publisher Electronic Arts have been vague about the specific features of the game, so no one (except for the company’s team members) are aware of exactly what the Restaurant game pack will let them do.

Buying Your Own Restaurant

Fortunately, it seems that the game’s developers are eager to talk about the new game pack and share the good news with their fans. SimGuruNinja, for instance, accidentally revealed a juicy clue when he answered a question from a TS4 fan. The fan asked him if sims can call in sick to work, and he answered by posting a screenshot of the game in the cellphone interface. The screenshot showed how players can access an option called “Call in Fake Sick to Work” to inform their employer about their “health condition” and get the day off.

But what really grabbed the attention of fans was the menu option above “Call in Fake Sick to Work”. Apparently, SimGuruNinja has a more advanced version of The Sims 4 because his cellphone user interface showed the option “Buy a Restaurant” — which is not yet available for other gamers.

SimGuruNinja has since deleted the tweet, but The Sims Community had grabbed a screenshot of it before it was removed and now fans are poring over the image. No one really knows if sims can really buy their own restaurant and how they can manage this business, but there are a lot of possibilities coming to mind.

Getting a Unisex Haircut

Aside from SimGuruNinja, other Maxis developers have also inadvertently blurted out hints to fans. SimGuruSarah tweeted an image of a male sim wearing a hairstyle that used to be available only for female sims. The picture was deleted right away, but eagle-eyed fans have already seen it and spread the word that unisex selections may be incorporated in the Create-A-Sim interface.

In early April, those who manned the Latin America Facebook page of The Sims 4 informed fans that they have to “work on their cooking skill” and “sharpen their knives”. Because of the post, fans ultimately deduced that the next game pack is about restaurants — even before the North America Facebook team made the official announcement.