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If you’ve ever played Pokemon then it’s quite probably that you’ve also had a fantasy of these creatures being real, you having the ability to tame then, teach them, befriend them and protect them, or perhaps they’ll be the ones to protect you.

Either way, we’ve all had to let this fantasy go as it’s simply one which can never be completely fulfilled, but hey, that wasn’t going to stop us from getting as close to it as technology allows us.

Pokemon GO

A world connected by the internet, we’re currently living in an era filled by information, we’re currently able to share knowledge with people across the world at phenomenal speeds, this has allowed us to make digital worlds, the most common example would be the online servers of any modern MMO game, it’s filled by digital life and players joining

Well Pokemon GO is going to be a similar game but instead of being played on a virtual world and hence, a virtual map, it’s going to be played on our own globe, where you are on the globe will be determined by where you are in the world, the developers have already stated that your geographical location will determine the type of Pokemon you encounter, people present near water bodies will encounter more water type Pokemon where as people in mountainous locations will encounter more rock types.

As for how all of this work, if you’ve played the game called Ingress then you’re already familiar with how everything will be working but just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown.

  • The game will be played on your handheld devices, alternatively you can also buy a gadget which will let you know if there are any Pokemon nearby, so you don’t have to keep checking your phone.
  • Pokemon GO will use your phone’s GPS to find out your location and let you know if there are any Pokemon nearby.
  • Some Pokemon will obviously be harder to get than others, so people will have to work together to weaken them, on the other hand you’ll be able to keep a log of the Pokemon which you’ve encountered and captured.
  • The game’s business model will be micro transactions, we don’t have exact details about the extent of these micro-transactions and whether or not spending money will give you significant advantages over people who don’t spend money.
  • There will be a player leveling process as well as Pokemon having moves, natures, all the various types including Fairy and Dark.
  • And where would Pokemon be without the ability to evolve your Pokemon, this however might be a little different than expected by some people as evolution will involve farming certain items from Pokemon in the wild, as you defeat them you’ll get shards which you can combine to evolve your Pokemon.

There isn’t much information about the game, we don’t even have a final release date but we can definitely expect the game to learn from Ingress’ model and not be pay-to-win, on the other hand if everything goes well, this might be a step towards VR games as equipment like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive become affordable to the general public.