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Recently a set of schematics in Japanese with the upcoming iPhone 7 pro phablet has leaked.

It is believed that Apple will release the iPhone 7 line in autumn 2016, most probably in September but no one has any idea on how many devices it will showcase under the “7” brand. However, due to the fact that the last generation releases always featured an iPhone together with a “Plus” phablet device, there is reason to believe that the next generation will come in those forms too. On top of all this, Apple has been keen on diversifying options for buyers and has been including “Pro” models for the iPad and the iPhone SE so we might as well see an iPhone 7 Pro.

The alleged iPhone 7 Pro is believed to have a dual-camera with a sensor setup based on the leaked images from the Japanese tech site Mac Fan. Of course, everything is in Japanese and it’s hard to read but the dual camera design part is very clear beyond language barriers.

iPhone 7 Leaks 2

Apart from the camera, it’s also obvious from the images that the 7th generation iPhone will give up on the 3.5 mm headphone jack, presumably to be replaced by an Apple Lightning port. The size, shape and design of the device seem to be very similar to the last phone generation – iPhone 6S Plus and it basically confirms what tech analyst Ming Chi Kuo said about Apple applying a major re-design of its phones sometime in 2017.

Also from the pictures, there are three noticeable holes on the back of the handset but no one has made any expert assumptions on what purpose they might have. With many reserves, some have said that they might be related to wireless charging features.

Based on this, it appears that the next iPhone will not be a major leap from the previous generation models so it won’t sell as well among the iPhone 6 owners.