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Lately, there’s been a whole of people popping up in the website world claiming to have the iOS 9.3 Jailbreak tool, which is coveted by many iPhone users – some websites have even claimed to be the trusted sites for the app release like Pangu or TaiG.

Some of the fake sites claiming this nonsense are detailed on, so if you want to know what sites to stay away from, you should definitely check it out.

Among those listed as fake there is 3k jailbreak – which is a website that pretends to have a jailbreak for iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2 but if you try to download the tools, you end up receiving a error message that says that the download stops to fix a 60% issue – and that’s it…

Other fake jailbreak sites are pangu8 and taig9 which are actually claiming to be the real Pangu and TaiG probably in order to convince people to download their jailbreak apps.

Another site of this sort is ios-jailbreak which also says that is has a jailbreak tool, but it’s not true.

It’s very important that users know this because any one of these sites can be unsafe and unreliable and may install malicious apps or hack your device along with the supposed jailbreak tool downloads.

There’s good news on the jailbreak release front, though, as there have been reports claiming that the app might be released right before the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2016 and since the event is scheduled for June 13 to 17, we might have the app as late as the beginning of June. Other reports have said that it might be released this month. Let’s hope that it’s true!

If you want to keep tabs on the latest news regarding the jailbreak 9.3.2 , you can look up the Pangu and TaiG websites, we will also keep you informed.

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