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The newest GTA Online Adversary Mode, In and Out, is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA Online.

In and Out is a capture-style game. Players are divided into two teams, attackers and defenders. Attackers must try to claim 8 packages of contraband and carry them to their team’s territory. If a player is killed while carrying one of the packages, it will drop on the map where they fell.

The defenders must try to defend the packages, but they can’t pick them up. This means that if an attacker takes one a short distance away before dying, the defenders can’t take it back to their territory. Of course, the defenders are heavily armed to make sure they can protect these packages well.

In celebration of this new Adversary Mode, GTA Online is currently holding In and Out Week. Now that In and Out is available, you’ll be able to earn Double RP and Double GTA$ while playing on the new In and Out maps.

The event also includes special discounts at Ammu-Nation. You’ll be able to buy grenades and sticky bombs for 20% off, assault rifle mods and the Combat MG for 25% off, and SMG ammo for 50% off.

It will all conclude with a special In and Out live stream to showcase the new mode. This stream will be held on Friday, May 6, although the time has not yet been announced.

A lot of players have been displeased with Rockstar’s recent focus on Adversary Mode, and feel they should be working on other types of content instead. There have been a lot of PvP additions to GTA Online lately, and fans who prefer cooperative gameplay are frustrated by the lack of new Contact Missions. Some players are concerned Rockstar is devoting too many resources to GTA Online PvP.

Love it or hate it, a new Adversary Mode called In and Out is now available for GTA Online. Are you happy to see new Adversary Modes added, or do you want GTA Online’s focus to be on something else? Have you played In and Out yet? Share all your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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