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Ads are very annoying, but users don’t know which application contains them and find out only after installing them. From now on, users will know which applications from the Google Play Store has in-built advertisements, as there will be shown a line of text saying “Contains ads” under the green install button.

Google will make many users very happy, as they will finally know if an application contains irritating ads. Not everyone likes to be interrupted by ads, but not all free applications have ads, and it will be a good idea to specify which one has them. So, this description has been placed in the same spot where it was pointed out that applications have in-app purchases, just beneath the green install button. “The goal is to provide more transparency and help users make more informed decisions,” a Google spokesperson has explained why the company has brought this change.

However, showing ads is not such a big problem if applications don’t add a layer of tracking personal information. Recently, Carnegie Mellon University discovered that many popular applications are collecting information from their users, such as their location, every three minutes, and 73 percent of the time these details are shared with an advertising network. Companies place ads based on users’ location, trying to attract them with products that are known in their region.

Ads will continue to be embedded within apps, because developers who release free applications want to make money fast, as a reward for their efforts to create those applications. But, the problem is that developers have many other ways to track their users’ data, so it’s important to know when it’s ok to grant permissions to applications.

Did you install a new application even if it’s specified on the Google Play store that it contains ads?