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Fans of Fallout 4 will be delighted to know that the popular video game is set to receive some new updates and improvements this May.

One of these is the Fallout 4 1.5 Update, which was released on April 28 for the game’s PC version and will be launched for the game’s PS4 and Xbox One versions in May. The update brings about several improvements, such as the Survival Mode, which adds more challenges to the gameplay and forces players to think on their feet. When playing in Survival Mode, players will have to deal with higher lethality (meaning they can inflict but also gain more damage) and face unknown threats (since these will no longer show up in the compass.

Characters will also become more “human”. If they want to save the game, they’ll have to lie down and sleep since autosaving, quick saving, and manual saving are no longer possible. They’ll also have to travel the old-fashioned way since fast travel isn’t allowed. In a creepily human-like way, characters will deal with many factors that can affect their performance, such as hunger, thirst, fatigue, illness, injuries, and even crippled limbs that don’t automatically heal.

Aside from bringing along the Survival Mode, the 1.5 Update will also stabilize the game and improve its overall performance. These will definitely be welcomed with open arms by players who are experiencing difficulties, particularly those that are caused by the Automatron DLC. Some of these problems include lag issues and Ada (the first robot companion that players get in Automatron) failing to follow her travel assignment.

Apart from releasing the 1.5 Update, Bethesda is also set to launch the Creation Kit mods in the open beta gameplay of Fallout 4’s PC version this week. The mods will be available later this month for the game’s Xbox One version and in June for the PS4 version. The Creation Kit is the same tool that Bethesda used to create Fallout 4 so, by releasing it to the public, they’ll give players the chance to see how it’s like to develop the game. Through the mods, players can make their own customized weapons and armors and even design their own quests.

The Creation Kit be installed within the game. It can also be downloaded from, where players can discuss modding strategies with each other and give their feedback to Bethesda. The company promises to use the comments and suggestions they’d receive to improve the mods.