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Today’s modern day family can take advantage of mobile apps to save time, reduce stress, and stay connected. Here’s a round up of the best 5 family apps:

Prevoo – Family Status

We all know the frustration of not being able to get in touch with close friends and family when we need to, and the anxiety of not knowing why we haven’t heard back. Prevoo solves this by showing each persons status based on how they are using their phone- like when they’re on a call, away from their phone, don’t have reception, or their battery has died. Great for families that are always on the go and to communicate with loved ones living in different time zones.

Cozi – Family Organizer

This app keeps everyone’s activities and appointments in one place – whether its dance lessons, grocery runs, doctors appointments, or the neighbor’s birthday party. Family members can also view and check off chores, making it easier for everyone to know what needs to get done and pitch in. The app even lets you store recipes to favorite foods and pick up the ingredients you’re missing.

Life360 – Family Locator

This app answers the all-too-familiar “where are you?” question, helping to locate family members quickly and visually. You can also set up geo-fencing triggers and alerts for when family members arrive at and leave certain destinations, like your kids arriving safely at school and back home. The premium (paid) version includes services like an emergency call line, roadside assistance, and insurance for a stolen phone.

Lifecake – Family Photos

A family photo sharing app that’s great for new parents. Not everyone you’re friends with on Facebook wants to see every minute of your child’s life but it’s certainly important and enjoyable for your close family. With this app, you can collect photos from everywhere and share with everyone in the family. You can also look back at a timeline to see how your child has grown over days, months, and years.

Moment – Family Screen-Free Time

Sometimes screen-free time is just as important as staying connected. This app lets you monitor your entire family’s iPhone and iPad use from your iPhone. Using the clean, easy to navigate UI, you can set aside time for your entire family to be screen-free for a certain period of time, for example while having dinner together. You can also enforce time limits on the usage of your family’s devices.