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When Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Note Edge with a screen curved on the right side, the South Korean manufacturer realized that it was sitting on a gold mine. The company decided to push things forward and to bring a flagship with a dual-edge display – the Galaxy S6 Edge, which received a phablet variant a few months later. This year, Samsung is expected a new Galaxy Note 6 phablet and rumors say that it will house a gigantic battery and currently, there are being tested out two designs: one with a flat screen and another one with a curved screen. In this article we’ll tell you about ChromeOS and what changes is Google expecting to bring, for allowing Android applications to run on this platform.

This year, Samsung preferred to release a Galaxy S7 Edge phablet with a 5.5-inch screen and the fans were a bit upset, because not all of them wanted a larger S7 with a dual-edge display. But maybe they’ll want to purchase the upcoming Note 6, which is rumored to arrive in two variants of screens: the traditional flat one and with curved edges. Now, Samsung is reportedly testing out some prototypes, but their specs haven’t been leaked yet. Our guess is that the screen will have a diagonal of 5.8-inch, the chipset will be an upgraded Exynos which could support up to 6GB of RAM and the battery will be increased up to 4000mAh.

Android Applications Coming To Chrome

Some Chrome fans on Reddit found some clues in the source code for the settings screen that will allow ChromeOS to have access to a large section of the Google Play store catalog of applications and games. So, the option, which is currently inactive, appears when users open up the settings screen. This feature was firstly spotted by TheWiseYoda in Chrome OS v51 dev, where he saw a short description in the page source code saying “Choose from over a million apps and games on Google Play to install and use on your Chromebook.”