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It hasn’t been long since our last post about jailbreaking iOS devices and sadly there hasn’t been a lot of development as far as the release of official jailbreak tools is concerned, it’s still going to take some time for a fully functioning jailbreak procedure to be made public, so let’s take another look at everything that’s transpired over the last couple of weeks, hint: not much.

Be wary of fake jailbreaks

Before you start searching on your favorite search engine for working jailbreaks, keep in mind that no trustworthy authority on jailbreaking has come out and released a working tool, another thing you need to remember is the fact that there are countless entities out there who are more than happy to prey on people who simply can’t tell the difference between a working jailbreak and some random malware.

So with all of that said, we’re going to start this off by saying that currently there’s no working jailbreak for iOS 9.3.1, you’re not going to find one by searching on Google, Bing or whichever search engine you prefer to use, not because jailbreaks are hard to find… it simply doesn’t exist yet.

Still there are countless people who are more than interested in benefiting from the various features which come with iOS 9.3.1 while also enjoying the freedom of tweaking their devices, unfortunately, they’re all going to have to wait.

What to do if you currently own a jailbroken iOS device

Well the first fact about owning a jailbroken iOS device is that you’re not going to be on iOS 9.3.1, that means you’re on an older version which has working jailbreaks available for users to test out.

You need to ask yourself a simple question, objectively, do the features and fixes from upgrading to iOS 9.3.1 outweigh the benefits of owning a jailbroken iPhone? Because no one knows how long it’ll take for a jailbreak tool to be released by some credible source, all we can do is speculate and speculations aren’t exactly trustworthy.

It’s definitely been quite a while since the last major jailbreak release and no one is stopping you from upgrading your iOS device but doing so will rid you of your jailbroken status.

What if you’ve already upgraded to iOS 9.3.1

Well you’re pretty much stuck with two choices.

Firstly you can stick to the current version and avoid upgrading to any future version until some news comes around about a possible jailbreak tool, this is the easiest method but it requires you to have patience.

Secondly you have the choice of downgrading to an earlier version, unfortunately though, downgrading is limited and we can’t exactly downgrade to a version from last year, at the end of the day though, we’re stuck with what we have for now, we’d still recommend you to downgrade to as earlier version as possible to increase your options when news hits, if you ultimately decide that jailbreaking isn’t something you’re willing to wait for, you can always upgrade to the latest version without issues.

Feel free to share your own opinion and any news you might have on this topic in the comments below!