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HTC 10 is one of the newest smartphones out there and until now we’ve seen some positive feedback about its specifications.  However, even if the device has been praised by many reviewers, it doesn’t mean that it will be one of the best sold smartphones in 2016.

We remind you that HTC has opened pre-orders for the HTC 10 smartphone right after it was announced. Now, people who have pre-ordered the HTC 10 are waiting for the device, which is expected to start shipping next week. This has been confirmed by HTC’s Jeff Gordon, so if you’ve pre-ordered this flagship and you live in the US, you might receive it next week, but only if you are among the first people who placed preorders. It will take a while until all devices will be sent to their owners, but it is good to know that the company will start shipping them very soon.

HINT: Keep in mind that we’re talking about the “unlocked” version of HTC 10 device!

It is not known yet when exactly the company will start shipping the HTC 10 devices to their owners, but, hopefully, this will happen in the upcoming Monday (May 2, 2016).

When it comes to the unlocked version of the HTC 10, it is not yet know when the carriers will start shipping this device. According to the latest reports, Verizon has confirmed that the pre-orders of the HTC 10 are now open and the phone will be shipped to the customers starting from May 5, 2016.

On the other hand, the Sprint carrier is not currently taking pre-orders, but it has announced that the HTC 10 will be released on the network on May 13, 2016. With other words, starting from that date, you will be able to order the HTC 10 via Sprint.

One thing is sure: if you wanted to get your hands on the HTC 10 handset, it is just a matter of days until you will be able to do that!