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WhatsApp has become the most popular and widely accepted instant messaging service today, with hundreds of millions of people using it around the world. Aside from this, statistics show that almost all user groups nowadays are using the app, which indicates the exponential growth that the app has seen since it was taken over by Facebook.

Coming with the rising popularity of WhatsApp, a lot of people have been interested in having multiple accounts on the app for a service. It is like what other people do to use 2 accounts on Facebook, with one dedicated to their family and friends, while another is used for work. This has become a popular trend seen in almost any social networking service.

Whether you also want to run a couple of accounts for the same reason those people have or just to satisfy your inner geek, you can follow some easy steps to get it done. As your Android phone may be rooted or non-rooted, take note that there will be a different method for each, but most experts recommend to root your device to be able to get better control over it.

Running 2 WhatsApp Accounts for a Rooted Android Device

  • First, you should follow this link: to be able to download the app named 2 Lines for Whazzap.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open it. In this part, you will be required to set the super permissions. When you see the pop-up, click on “grant”.
  • By the time you are able to add a new line for WhatsApp, all you have to do is add your number, and that is it—you now have 2 WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Running 2 WhatsApp Accounts for a Non-Rooted Android Device

  • Get the WhatsMapp from this link:
  • Run a virus scan, and after it completes, you can start downloading and installing WhatsMapp on your device. It is advised to double scan WhatsMapp for malware and viruses. This is not because they are just putting it there, but it is for safety purposes.
  • Register your second number with your new WhatsApp account, and that is all there is to it.

There you have it. By following these steps, you will be able to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device. For the latest update on WhatsApp for Android smartphones, check out this post.

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