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Recently a breach of the Minecraft servers resulted in millions of passwords being stolen and then later on put on the black net market for anyone who in interested in acquiring this info.

Apparently there are blogs and sites designed specifically for trading hacked information that is supposed to remain private to various buyers interested in them for whatever reason be them commercial or not.

The data was stolen from the Lifeboat network which is a multiplayer community running servers that enables smartphone gamers to play various versions of Minecraft and we’re talking of about 7 million hacked passwords.

A computer security expert by the name of Troy Hunt said that he received an email from someone who trades in stolen data that had the list and others are saying that more of the data is circulation on these dubious sites.

The hackers scrambled the server data by using an MD5 hash and T. Hunt said that some of those passwords were so weak that he easily found them just by entering the hash into Google. So that goes to show that we always need to very careful when choosing passwords.

Although the breach took place in January, it was made public recently with the attempts made by hackers to sell de data. Lifeboat was aware of this but chose not to tell Minecraft users, instead opting to convince players to change their passwords and give the hackers limited time to act – and that would have been the most efficient thing to do.

This means that if people have already reset their passwords, chances are that the stolen data could no longer be of any use to any buyer and not even to the hackers anymore.

Minecraft has made its creator a very wealthy man and has been downloaded approximately 100 million times since its release in 2009.