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This week, Microsoft has announced some mobile app management progress in what concerns their Intune service.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard about it yet, Intune is a mobile app management (MAM) and a mobile device management (MDM). It is part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite license (together with Azure Active Directory Premium service and another management service, the Azure Rights one). The purpose of this entire bundle is to deliver identity management, mobile management and rights management controls on all mobile platforms, mainly for organizations.

However, Intune is not the only solution for this, there are other apps too, but this is considered to be one of the best.

But what are the updates? Well, one of them would be the fact that Intune can help with MAM and some aspects of “conditional access” for mobile client apps, for the Skype for Business Online service Microsoft offers. Now, those who know IT very well can set conditions for when the devices can connect with an organization’s network, and also set application policies for this service. This, in short, is called “conditional access”.

The second big update for Intune is the extension of the Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) for Android devices too. You can use Azure to restrict some actions from other users, for instance, they cannot copy and paste text in applications. As such, the MAM capabilities now have received integrated Android apps under Microsoft. For example, if you use an Android RMS sharing app, you will be able to view video/audio files or PDFs right from Outlook or other applications that are managed through Intune.

A subscription is needed only if the user organization wants to use the MAM features for the RMS sharing apps available for Android. Indeed, there are others viewer apps in what concerns the PDF, AV or photos, and they can be used for Intune-managed apps. But Microsoft announced that they plan to cease their development. Of course, they announced that they will send notifications to users to let them know that the current apps will no longer be supported.

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