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When it comes to email, Google’s been providing one of the best service for quite a long time, with some of the best anti-spam filters along with features that other email services had previously asked money for, whether it be the total cloud storage space you’re offered or just the security, Google’s Gmail is your best bet for a free email service which will never disappoint you.

Let’s start with the basics.

Unsubscribing from your all your subscriptions

Most of us dislike receiving an email about everything that’s happening, whether it’s just Facebook sending you an email about small things like a message or just the newest website you made an account with sending you their latest offers, not all of us are interested in these newsletters, well you’re lucky because there’s an app out there which can mass-unsubscribe you without you having to manually go through all the emails.

There’s no need to find the unsubscribe button, simply sign in with and unsubscribe from any service you dislike with the click of a single button.

Getting the most out of Google’s mail search

Not all of us remember exactly when we received an email and not all of us have the habit of tagging important emails, even though Gmail lets you tag any email and put it in a separate category, sometimes you just want to look for an old conversation but just can’t remember when it was, perhaps there was a PDF file in said email or maybe there were just some pictures which were sent to you, fear not, Google’s search engine expertise have given them an edge for their email services as well.

You can find all the commands that can be used in Gmail’s internal search over here. Whether you’re looking for someone in a specific Google+ Circle, looking for a specific file type, emails from a specific date or just searching for multiple keywords at the same time, Google’s more than happy to help you out.


This is probably the most underrated feature of email services, filters help you set up specific conditions for your emails, have you recently subscribed to a service which sends you an email for archiving purposes? Well you don’t have to mark the email as read every time you receive it because Google can do that for you, it’ll not only mark it as read but also do anything else you wish to, whether it’s forwarding it to another address, keeping it under a separate tag or just archiving it, Gmail has you all covered.

Multiple email addresses

At the end of the day, Gmail also lets you set up multiple email addresses so that you never have to sign out and sign in with a different email addresses, you can use your Yahoo! and Microsoft email accounts with your Gmail, simply set up email forwarding on said accounts and confirm your ownership through Gmail, you’ll not only receive all said emails but also have the ability to reply to them with any of the many accounts you’ve authorized.