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Surprise, surprise! Fans of Clash Royale could recently see an interesting update on the official Facebook page. There it was posted a sneak peek, possibly for a new update of the game. Apparently, given the description, “#1”, this is the first sneak peek from a series of more. If we take into account what Supercell has previously declared, we will be able to enjoy Live Spectating with this game.

What’s interesting about this new sneak peek is the fact that you will be able to throw some confetti while spectating the game, which seems to be a great way of engaging the spectators with the players. Besides this, the company announced through this move that they will introduce a new feature called the TV Royale Channels, a way of watching the battles from any Arena you like.

Next month seems to be a really productive one for Clash Royale, since many changes are announced. Besides the live spectating and the TV Royale Channels, there will be even more surprises! One of them is represented by the double rewards you get for crown chests. Also, the donations will triple, and so you, as a player, will be able to ask for 30 common cards, not 10, as you could until now. Supercell also declared that they are keen on improving the game, which translates to aligning the game to the Tournament Rules.

Other changes you will see in the game are the changes in cards. For various cards, the developers changed the level caps, and more than that, Legendary cards will be available in the shop. It remains to be seen what others sneak peeks we will get from the team and how will fans react to all the new changes.

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