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It’s been years since the release of Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast, and despite the fact that they’re used to stream material on TV and look roughly the same, the devices are different. Which device would better suit your needs?

A Look at Google Chromecast

Chromecast has an easy setup, and even without a remote control, it can be used via your smartphone or computer. The device isn’t supported by a large array of applications. If connected to the PC or smartphone, it can stream nearly everything on the television including local content from your smartphone or PC.

According to rumors, Chromecast is going to make a PC application public, letting you mirror the desktop to Chromecast. Since there’s a high chance for latency, there’s no way for an HDTV to become a wireless monitor since content will be streamed in real-time and there’s the potential for lag. Upcoming version of Chromecast are said to be even more powerful with lag eliminated or dramatically decreased.

A Look At Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire stick has a customized Android version as well as channel support and App store. Along with that, it has a remote control so that users can search for material to watch, stream videos and begin applications. It’s also integrated with Amazon Prime Services, meaning all the services associated with Amazon TV are also available.