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By now, it’s a well-established fact that the Android 6.0 update (commonly known as Marshmallow) has been rolling out slowly. A lot of people already know why this is so: device manufacturers have to adapt the update to their smartphones’ hardware and software while carriers need to add their own configurations and do lots of testing. Still, this doesn’t erase the fact that many Android device users have been impatiently waiting for months to get their hands on the Marshmallow update.

Samsung A5 and A7

Fortunately, for Samsung device owners, they don’t have to worry since the South Korean tech giant are rolling updates for its gadgets. As SamMobile reports, the WiFi Alliance has certified the regional versions of Galaxy A5 (2016) and Galaxy A7 (2016) that were running on Android 6.0. This signifies that the two smartphones are geared for the Marshmallow update and that the update will reach Galaxy A5 and A7 owners soon.

As of this writing, there are no signs of other Galaxy A models running on Android Marshmallow, but these don’t mean that they won’t get the update. In fact, many tech experts think that the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) and A9 will get the update soon, although no exact date has been revealed. In any case, these smartphones are powerful enough to support Android 6.0 and are packed with above-average specs that will make the most of Marshmallow’s features. This means that they definitely are prime candidates for the latest Android update.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

The Android 6.0 update has also been rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, which was released on 2015 and has been running on Android Lollipop since then. Specifically, the update will be released for the T815 model of the tablet (which has 4G LTE connectivity support), effectively upgrading it to T815XXU2BPD6. The rollout has started in Germany for unlocked versions of the tablet as well as in certain parts of Italy, and it will hopefully be made available in other European countries in the coming weeks. Those who are in the U.S. and other regions can expect the update to be rolled out through their carriers.

There has been no news as to when the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7’s smaller cousin,  the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0, will get the Android Marshmallow update. However, TechTimes reported on March that it would get the update in May, so Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 owners have something to look forward to next month.