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Users and tech blogs speculate that the new WhatsApp update will bring long awaited features such as a “call back” which will allow people to call back friends with the tap of a button without actually opening the app Furthermore, people expect it to bring the voicemail feature to the iOS platform which should, if implemented, allow callers to record voicemails, listen to them and see if they got everything right and them send them to their contacts.

The latest thing that WhatsApp has introduced so far is the end-to-end encrypted conversations, instant messaging and the VoIP app that protect texts and calls made from smartphones from being intercepted by third parties, including WhatsApp developers.

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging service that is based in Mountain View, California. In February 2014 it became the property of Facebook for the huge amount of 19.3 billion dollars.

According to the last statistics published in February 2016, WhatsApp has approximately 1 billion users. Here are other WhatsApp related statistics made in the previous years according to

  • Number of messages sent daily – 30 billion (January 2015)
  • Average number of new users that register daily – 1 million (February 2014)
  • Top country for WhatsApp usage – South Africa (September 2015)
  • Number of users in Brazil before the court ordered shutdown – 93 million users (December 2015)
  • Percentage of Brazilians that consider it their top ten most used app – 86% (May 2015)
  • Percentage of Brazil’s internet population that used it before the court ordered shutdown– 93% (December 2015)

It really is a very successful and used messaging app and it should be a viable option when it comes to protection of privacy and hopefully, the next update will offer the voicemail option along with the message recording feature.