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It has been a while since we have made a post about WhatsApp APK. Now, we would like to bring the news that this popular instant messaging service has made available its newest APK download for Android devices.

WhatsApp has just released a new APK update for Android tablets and smartphones, coming with version number 2.16.44 and build number 451116. Though it is not yet available on the Play Store, you will be able to download it directly and install it on your device.

This latest APK download file weighs 27.81 MB and is compatible with all Android 2.1 and later devices. While it does not come with new changes or features, it will make the app smoother and more stable than before. Basically, it comes with speed and performance improvements to make user experience better.

Remember that this is, of course, a beta version, which means that it can be unstable at times and can lag, crash or hog up all your battery power quickly, even causing your device to overheat. However, we all know that WhatsApp is already very stable, so this beta should not come with issues, if there is any.

This messaging service has also recently got an end-to-end encryption update, making chats, calls, media, documents, etc. that you make or share very safe from hackers. It can also send documents and photos from other cloud apps. Another thing that we can look forward from the app is its video calling feature.

Downloading and Installing the APK File

Installing the WhatsApp APK file is just like installing other apps from the Play Store, except you do it with another source. To download the file, you should enable the Unknown Sources feature on your device, which you can do by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then checking the box. Be sure to disable it when you have completed the task.

Once you have enabled Unknown Sources and downloaded the APK, swipe down your notifications and tap the message that indicates the download has been completed. Let the app install, and you are done!

There are 3 main ways to get the latest WhatsApp APK, which include using the WhatsApp official website, using the APK Mirror and becoming a WhatsApp beta tester, which allows you to often upload the latest APK to the web, which means that you will enjoy the benefits without the labor.

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