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Android and iOS users are rarely sending traditional text messages, because it’s more convenient to chat on applications, for free, while connected to a wireless network or using mobile data. The same thing goes for VoIP calls to mobile or landline numbers, and both Skype and Viber are offering this feature. If you don’t know which application to install, then ask your friends what they are using, so you can add them to your contacts, but you can install both of them if your friends are divided. Below, we’ll compare these two devices and come up with a winner.

Ease of Use

They are easy to install, but they work differently. Viber depends on your mobile number, so when you register to this application, you will access your account without entering a username or password (which are required on Skype), as your identifier is your phone number.


Both applications are free, but when it comes to VoIP calls to landlines and mobile phones, each one has different rates, and they vary depending on region and network. In 2013, it was proved that Viber is 400 percent cheaper than Skype.


Skype is a veteran, being on the market since August 2003, while Viber has been launched much later, in December 2010. This means than Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft, has a bigger user base – five times the number of Viber users.

Data Consumption

Skype uses the latest audio (SILK and Opus, standardized as RFC 6716) and video (H.264) codecs and its voice calls have a higher quality, but they consume a lot of data, while Viber offers HD voice calls and one minute of call requires 250 KB of data.


In addition to VoIP voice calling, Skype offers group calling with up to 25 participants, call forwarding, receiving Skype calls and calls to Skype Numbers, call forwarding, video messaging, opening Microsoft Office files, merging your Skype account with your Microsoft account etc. Viber supports fewer features, such as Smart Notifications, location sharing, hiding seen and online status etc.


In terms of call quality, Skype wins easily, but Viber is more economic.

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