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The upgraded PlayStation 4, referred to by fans as the PlayStation 4.5 and the PlayStation 4K, and codenamed NEO according to Giant Bomb, has already caused a flurry of reactions even though it has yet to be officially announced.

PS4 NEO Mode for Better Graphics and Performance

If the rumors are true, it is an improved version of the PS4 and new PS4 games will be required to have a “NEO Mode” for use with it. There will be no NEO-exclusive games or content.

This could allow for better graphics and performance of PS4 NEO games, while keeping the original PS4 experience intact. It feels like a step toward how PC games run differently depending on aspects such as your graphics card.

Some people have theorized that current games available on the PS4 that could benefit from better performance, such as The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne, could be patched to take advantage of the new hardware.


However, the PlayStation NEO rumors have been met by a largely negative reaction.

Even though the same games will be available on the PS4, it’s hard to avoid the concern that the PS4 versions will be inferior and developers won’t make the PS4 versions as good as they can be. People who recently bought a PS4 feel betrayed, since it’s early enough in the console’s life cycle to not expect a replacement.

Some who were considering buying a PS4 are waiting to see what the NEO will be like first.

On the other hand, players who aren’t particular concerned with the NEO’s benefits might stick to the original PS4, especially depending on the price difference.

This isn’t the first time a different version of a console has been released during its lifetime. For example, the PlayStation 3 was followed by the PlayStation 3 Slim. However, upgrades like that didn’t include changes such as those suggested for the NEO.


A better comparison might be the New Nintendo 3DS, although since it has a handful of exclusive games, it causes even more confusion as to whether it should be viewed as a separate console or not.

Your Thoughts?

Rumors of a new PlayStation 4 have caused a lot of concerns. If it exists, the PlayStation NEO could be a wonderful thing. On the other hand, it could cause problems for the PlayStation 4. What are your thoughts?