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Nintendo made a few surprising (and on the surface, baffling) announcements about the NX recently which have many people worried.

  1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be released on both NX and Wii U.
  2. The Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda will be Nintendo’s only playable game at E3.
  3. It has been delayed until 2017.
  4. The NX will be released in March 2017.
  5. The NX will not be shown at E3 2016, but will be revealed later this year.

Let’s consider these points one at a time.

First, fans theorized for a long time that The Legend of Zelda would actually be released on both consoles. It’s not the best news, but it’s not wholly unexpected. There’s also nothing wrong with multiplatform games. It’s a disappointment for people who bought the Wii U specifically for Zelda, but at least it still is a Wii U game.


The second point is concerning, but keep in mind that this refers only to games playable on the E3 show floor. Nintendo should still announce new games, discuss in-development games, and perhaps showcase their own footage of games besides Zelda. Until we know the rest of Nintendo’s E3 plans, it’s too late to write their entire show off as only focusing on one game.

The Legend of Zelda’s delay raises questions about how many games the Wii U has left, as well as worries about the game itself, since we’ve seen very little of it.

Likewise, the fourth point is possibly the most difficult to understand. A March 2017 release for the NX completely misses the holiday season. It’s not even close. It seems like a strange release time for a new console, and it’s hard to figure out what Nintendo hopes to achieve.


Finally, however, it isn’t as big a disaster as it seems that the NX won’t be revealed at E3. While E3 would bring it a lot of attention, a dedicated reveal could still work. The people most interested in it will probably tune in, meaning its biggest obstacle will be attracting new customers.

Nintendo’s handling of their new console doesn’t make a lot of sense so far, but it isn’t necessarily a disaster. Even if the console itself isn’t there, they could still announce Nintendo NX games at E3. And maybe they have a reason for these decisions that nobody knows yet.