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The developers of Mass Effect: Andromeda – BioWare – are about to release new information regarding the upcoming game’s characters – both protagonists and enemies. So far, they have only posted a few tweets that work more as teasers for what’s up next.

With the E3 conference approaching, the people behind the game – Michael Gamble, Fabrice Condominas and Ian Frazier – are cautiously unveiling bits and pieces of information relating to the game via their Twitter accounts.

As all gamers know, the characters in Mass Effect are essential to the gaming experience and the twitter posts let us know a bit more about the good and bad ones. For example: Frazier tweeted that the developer team have made the protagonists fresh and unique and Condominas tweeted that the enemies will be good enough of a challenge, so that the victory will be highly enjoyable.

A leak that came from a few people who saw an early build of the game mentions a protagonist called Pathfinder that will be battling enemies that seem to a cross between the Collector and Vorcha races. On the same note, one enemy was said to be a human soldier in Mass Effect armor, but without a N7 insignia. Furthermore, there are other enemies that drop into combat from oppositional ships.

Supposedly, by playing Pathfinder you will go on an expedition into the Helius Cluster in order to build a new home for humanity.

A tweet from Michael Gamble saying that it’s “gonna be wild up n’ here soon” is believed to refer to theE3 showcase scheduled in June 12 to 14.

What we do know for sure about Mass Effect: Andromeda for sure is that it will be unlike the other 3 installments before it and it’s expected to be released in 2017 on Xbox One, PC, and Play Station 4.