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A new multiplayer mode is coming to the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online game, but until then, players can start earning double the amount of money and RP from Adversary Mode Playlists.

The double money and RP event has kicked off yesterday (on April 29, 2016) and it will end on May 5, 2016. In addition, there are also discounts on select weapon mods, explosives, guns, ammo and many more.


GTA Online: In & Out Mode

The new GTA Online Adversary Mode is named “In & Out” and it will be released on May 3, 2016. The mentioned mode will be an “intense” version of Capture, where the attackers will need to steal eight packages while the defenders (which are “well-armed”) will need to stop them.

Unfortunately, no gameplay from the “In & Out” mode has been revealed, but we’re pretty sure that more information will be given before it will be released.

Guns & Ammo Discounts

  • Grenades: 20% discount,
  • Sticky Bombs: 20% discount,
  • Assault Rifle Mods: 25% discount,
  • Combat MG:  25% discount,
  • SMG Ammo: 50% discount.

According to reports, GTA Online has brought more than 500 million dollars in revenues, thanks to microtransactions. This might be the main reason why Rockstar prefers to release DLCs for the online version of the game.

However, we think that there are still high chances that the GTA 5 single-player will receive a DLC sometime in the future.


Unfortunately, there is no official news regarding the GTA 6 and according to rumors, this game will not be released before 2018-2019. But there are rumors circulating on the internet about the possible additions, such as a female protagonist, bigger maps, teleportation etc.

Do you think that Rockstar will release a DLC for the GTA 5 single-player mode? Do you enjoy playing “Adversary Mode” in GTA Online?