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Recently we have received some new goodies for the Google Calendar app! The Google guys spent some time developing the 5.5 version and until now, people seem pretty satisfied with it. However, normal accounts don’t get to enjoy too many changes, since the best bits are kept for the Apps and Edu accounts. These enjoy a new feature called “Find the Time” which… finds time! It helps you find some time for your meetings, but it’s understandable why it’s not available for normal accounts, since it wouldn’t be such a pleasure to make your calendar public.

This is such good news for people who are busy and schedule lots of meetings. It automatically scans the agendas of all the participants and finds a free slot that everybody can attend. If it can’t find any time that fits everybody, it suggests some rescheduling of the already set meetings in order  to make some room for one more. Of course, if the time is not convenient, the participants can opt for a different one manually. It is a great addition, and many people express their regret that it’s not available for normal accounts too, since it’s so useful. Google announced that they will update the iOS version too and that they will make efforts to make scheduling on the web easier, though they didn’t provide more information on that.

Another change in the new version refers to the aesthetic aspect. They switched to the inverted status bar, which means that the notification and status (WiFi, signal, time, Bluetooth and so on) notifications are dark grey instead of white. The status bar itself became light grey. These are about all the updates we could find in the new version of Google Calendar. If there are any more, you are invited to look for them!