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Speculation has arisen recently regarding WhatsApp – a Facebook owned messaging app – that it will soon include a new voicemail features that will be available for both Android and iOS.

As the world’s most popular messaging app, users expect it to always bring something new to the table and the next update will supposedly bring a feature they have been aching for: voicemail. WhatsApp already has a Voice Over IP phone call option so the next obvious step would be to include an in-built voicemail feature.

Not only that, but users also believe that the messaging app should also add an instant call back feature which would make WhatsApp an effective replacement for whatever Android dialer you happen to have on your phone.

Users who have seen the early varriants of the update have said that they saw a notification about a call-back option and that if you tap the notification on the screen, it will immediately return a call.

If the voicemail feature will be available with the next update, WhatsApp will most likely allow you to record a message and listen to it before you send it to make sure that it’s all good, which is something that other voicemail featuring apps can’t do so far.

We don’t know when the update will roll or if it will have these features but we might find out very soon because WhatsApp is in the habit of releasing updates on a regular basis.

Another feature users would like to have, but there are no leaks or rumors in that sense is GIF usage during conversations.

The latest update for WhatsApp brought an end-to-end encrypted message features that means that the only person who can see a received message is the person or group of people you send it to.

The company representatives stated on their blog that WhatsApp conversations are completely private and cannot be read by any third parties like hackers, oppressive regimes or even WhatsApp.