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According to the latest rumors, WhatsApp will bring a new feature for Android and iOS in a future update. An in-built voicemail system shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that the application offers voice calls, a feature that was firstly tested by Android users at the beginning of 2015, then it arrived on other platforms. Besides voicemail, another addition will be an instant call back.

These two new features will surely convince many users to ditch their favorite text message application or Android dialer, but there’s still no word on the video calling feature, after screenshots of it in action have been leaked months ago. However, the call-back feature was already spotted in early versions of the update, and it appears as a notification. When tapping the notification from the top of the screen, the application will return the call to the person who called first. Moreover, users will have the option to record a message and listen it before they send it to their friends.

Another new feature that will be added soon is ZIP file sharing between users, as now, the application allows them to share only PDF, DOCX, DOC and VCF files. It isn’t sure if GIFs will be introduced soon in chat, but most likely, WhatsApp is taking this feature into consideration.

A recent addition is end-to-end encryption, so that messages can be read only by the sender and recipient, using an encryption key. “No one can see inside that message. Not cybercriminals. Not hackers. Not oppressive regimes. Not even us,” has posted WhatsApp on its official blog.

Those who want to install the latest WhatsApp 2.16.53 beta can go to Google Play and download it from there, but they must become a tester for the Android Beta Testing Program. This new update doesn’t come with big changes, only improvements and bug fixes, as it weighs 29.17 MB, with 0.02 MB more than the previous version.

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