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Social networks and email services are designed for English speakers and it is known that in India Hindi speakers and they want to be able to type in their regional language. Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp offer this option, but users must follow some steps.


Hindi speakers are able to type in this language on the mobile application, from the English keyboard, so they don’t need to switch to a Hindi keyboard. They will see a keyboard icon on the lower right side of the screen and it contains the Hindi alphabet on it. Users will just tap it and start writing in Hindi without any problems. When it comes to the desktop version of Facebook, the Hindi Keyboard can be selected by going to Control Panel > Language and Region > Keyboard and Languages.


Switching from English to a regional language in Gmail’s mobile app can be done by going to Settings >language and keyboard > language. Sending an email in Hindi or other regional language using the desktop version can be done after enabling Input tools and clicking on Edit tools in Gmail > Settings > Language. There, users will select the language that they want to add from all Input tools, then they will transfer it to the selected input tool from the right window and move it upwards. The language will be changed by clicking on the icon next to the Settings icon. Now, the next time when user will want to compose an email and write Hind words, Gmail will automatically transliterate them into Hindi.


Facebook supports multiple Indian languages and users must go to Google Indic language keyboard from Android Settings > Inputs and Keyboard > Add keyboard, where they will select the language they want to chat in. The only inconvenience is that users need to go back to Google Indic Keyboard in order to switch to another language.