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Rodolphe Dutel is a former Google employee who shared some secrets about how to save hours per week on email, using simple Gmail hacks. He was hired by Google in 2011 and he trained employees to use Gmail and even if he’s no longer affiliated with this company, because now he works for Buffer and on, he wanted to tell about the tips that have a “daily impact” on his work to this day.

Previously, users have complained that Gmail didn’t have Outlook’s Recall Message feature, but Google has finally introduced the Undo Send option, which is a life saver for users who accidentally send emails to the wrong person, or if they’re incomplete or con tain typos. Users will click on this option within 30 seconds after the message has been sent, in order to cancel it and in order to enable the feature, they will head to Settings > General menu.

Canned responses are pre-written messages which come in handy when users don’t have too much time to write a long text. This feature can be enabled in Gmail > Settings > Labs.

Gmail can be also used offline and the application will allow users to read and reply to emails, search and archive messages without being connected to the internet. By downloading the Chrome extension Inbox Pause, users will no longer be bothered for every single email that they receive, and they will appear in their inbox after unpausing Gmail. will de-clutter and organize subscription emails and Dutel has explained that it took him four minutes to unsubscribe to 64 publications, while he kept 27. Gmail has also two-factor authentication which adds extra layer of security, so that users feel more protected. In case a hacker logs into their accounts, from a different device, this feature will notify account owners.

The last tip is about a free application called Sidekick which allows users to get delivery notifications, so they will know if their messages have been received and read.

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