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The instant messaging service, WhatsApp, has become a very important part of our lives, but sometimes, we can get so engrossed in fiddling with it that we delete some messages by mistake. At some point in time, this happens to all of us, and we keep repenting over it. Lucky for us, there are simple tricks to easily recover these deleted messages.

  • Download the data recovery software for Android on your phone, and then launch it.
  • Connect your device to your PC as soon as you see the program on window.
  • Enable the USB debugging function on your phone. After doing so, you will find your phone being detected by the PC. Now, let it check your phone data, but you must observe utmost care when performing this task on public computers. Make sure you do not leave it unchecked to prevent your device from being prone to malware.
  • After your Android phone is checked by your PC, it will seek permission to scan data. Allow it to perform the task and tick the lost data that you want to recover. Now, you will be able to preview the lost data and recover all your deleted messages.

Keeping WhatsApp Messages Encrypted

Just this month, WhatsApp implemented its encryption update for protection against surveillance, making it technically impossible for anyone to read messages other than those involved in the conversation. For the more than 1 billion users of WhatsApp, it has definitely seemed to represent the beginning of a new era of strong encryption no longer regarded as a privilege for paranoids and geeks, but an effortless mainstream tool.

To keep your messages encrypted, you can enable fingerprint verification. In the case of WhatsApp, there is a bit of issue regarding authentication, and for encryption to guarantee that only the intended recipients can decrypt a message, they need to prove their identity. Like other end-to-end encrypted messaging tools, this app allows communicators to check each others’ key fingerprints, which are stored on the phone to prove a person’s identity. You see, it offers a security notifications feature that automatically remembers all of the fingerprints of your contacts and alerts you if there are changes to them.

Another solution is to disable cloud backups, as these are often not encrypted. Remember that Whatsapp and other instant messaging services will have all their end-to-end encryption stripped away when they are backed up to cloud servers. This means you have to disable these backups if you want to keep your messages encrypted.

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