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A new report from AMD revealed that the company will release three new chips destined for gaming platforms. Even if no one knows for which platforms they are going to be used, many people think they are going to be for the PlayStation NEO, Xbox One Slim and Nintendo NX which were confirmed to be released.  Nevertheless, everybody keeps a close eye on the chipmaker’s future releases, especially if they are about gaming consoles.

PlayStation NEO

The new PlayStation Neo is an upgraded version of the PS4, which brings the console to a 2.1 GHz speed from the previous 1.6 GHz, it supports 4K and is equipped with a better and stronger AMD GCN GPU.

There weren’t released many details about it, but from what they said, we can deduce that the PS4.5, how it’s named sometimes, will have AMD-branded CPU and GPU, which makes us believe that these specifications are referring to the new chips from AMD.

Nintendo NX

Everyone knows that Nintendo is working on a new console, the NX, which is why more than a couple of rumors regarding it have surfaced in the past year. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any of those rumors yet, but is expected to do so by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

What is known though is that the company has used AMD GPUs for the past decade, more precisely since the release of GameCube.

Xbox One Slim

The next Microsoft gaming console wasn’t confirmed yet, but based on the fact that the company uses to change the hardware of the Xbox when it’s about to release a Slim version, we can assume that the next console will be just that, or at least a minor upgrade.

Long story short, even though AMD confirmed the release of three chips, we don’t know what they are for, meaning that the console makers will have to make the announcement themselves, whether they will be used for the next gaming stations or not.