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People, it’s time to get your noses out of your smartphones and dive in the world of Minecraft! Recently Minecraft announced the release of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, for the Oculus Store. For just 7 dollars you can now get the virtual reality version of this fantastic game, besides the version you had until now for desktop, consoles and mobile. The success of the previous versions can guarantee other millions of copies that will be sold for VR gear. The game is fully compatible with Gear VR, the headset from Samsung that uses as display recent smartphones from the Galaxy series. People from the SuperData Research say that the VR industry will become a $40 billion business in 2020. Minecraft could totally help this industry develop further, due to its global success and its recent entry on this market.

GamesBeat has totally made a hit with Minecraft! The Gear VR Edition is indeed impressive. Even though you already know the mechanics and the gameplay, you might feel a little claustrophobia when experiencing the underground caves and the scale of the world seen with completely different eyes than on the PC. It’s really a captivating experience to see a known world with a fresh eye.

For the development of this version, Microsoft and Mojang collaborated with John Carmack, who was a coder for Doom and Quake. Now, he is a technology office in Oculus offices and says that what he enjoyed most was the feeling of getting lost in the world of Minecraft using the VR set. This is another step made in the direction of making games feel more real than ever. We have to wait and see how the millions of fans will receive this update and how they will enjoy the new type of gaming!