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There are many theories about what new Disney worlds might be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3, and one of the most popular is Zootopia.

Zootopia, a movie featuring anthropomorphic animals, came out recently enough to cast doubt on whether including it in the next Kingdom Hearts game is even feasible. However, if it was, it would not be the first time something like that happened. Kingdom Hearts 2 included Chicken Little as a summons before the movie was out, and Tron Legacy was a world even though it was still in theaters while the game was in development.

In addition to the movie’s popularity, the rumors have been fueled by the arrival of Zootopia medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. These medals are already out in Japan, and will be added to the English version of Unchained χ on May 2.

Now, there’s a good chance these medals are meant to promote Zootopia, especially since Unchained χ has several costumes that reference movies or games with no tie to Kingdom Hearts. However, since these are medals instead of just costumes, the lore should be taken into account.

In Unchained χ, medals that represent characters are used to power your Keyblade. All of these characters appear in the Kingdom Hearts games, even though Unchained χ is a prequel to everything. There is a reason for this. From an in-universe perspective, you are channeling the power of warriors from the future. This sets up the potential for Zootopia to appear in a future Kingdom Hearts game, since it confirms Zootopia at least exists within the universe.

Of course, just because they’re from the future doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be in Kingdom Hearts 3. They could be from further in the future, or from a world never visited in the games. It also could be another example like Chicken Little, where Zootopia characters appear as cameos or summons without an accompanying world.

What do you think the chances are of a Zootopia world or at least Zootopia characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3? Would you be happy if Zootopia was added to Kingdom Hearts, or are there other Disney worlds you’d prefer to see first? Let us know in the comments!

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