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While Apple continues to release new versions of their operating system, the jailbreak community is awfully quiet. This could be a confirmation that the current version of iOS is almost impossible to jailbreak.

After the iOS 9.1 jailbreak, nothing else has been released to date. The jailbreak prank tool doesn’t count, of course.

It has been a while since the iOS 9.2 made it to the market, but the hacking team have yet to crack the operating system. There are rumors, however, that a functional jailbreaking tool is in the works. But nothing significant has been realized yet. It would seem that iOS 9.3 would gain substantial mileage, before anyone would come close to jailbeaking it.

So what do you call the iOS 9.3 jailbreaks that were recently released?

April Fool’s Day Part 2.

The iOS 9.3 jailbreak download sites that appear at the top of Google search results are all fake. They claim to offer a jailbreak for iOS 9.3, 9.3.1, and 9.3.2, but you are unlikely to get anything when you click on the download button.

The jailbreaking community advises against these sites. They can be likened to a case of “look, but don’t touch”. You can visit the site, read information, but don’t download anything, as you are putting your security at risk.

In other words, download at your own risk.

Yes, it is tempting to give it a shot, especially because they seem to provide legitimate jailbreaking tools of TaiG or Pangu, but you might want to reconsider. Don’t be a victim of another prank.

  • Visit the official page of TaiG or Pangu to confirm and verify if a new jailbreaking tool is indeed available.
  • Think twice about downloading from an unpopular or unknown website.
  • Visit the jailbreaking community for legit and reliable updates about iOS jailbreaking tools. If there is none, take their word for it.

Here’s the heartbreaking truth.

TaiG and the team have yet to crack iOS 9.3 successfully. So there is no jailbreaking tool from the team. The so-called jailbreaking tool is actually a malware that can cause serious problems with any Apple device.

It has become a common belief that no iOS 9.3 jailbreak will be released because of its many bugs and vulnerabilities.

New rumors are circulating, however, that jailbreakers are jumping right to iOS 9.3.2, as it is cleaner and more stable than its predecessors. The jailbreak is rumored to be released 13th of June. Of course, it pays to wait for more developments.