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Although the Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC missed the mark for many players, the workshop and settlement-building elements themselves were quite popular, with some players devoting countless hours to customizing their wasteland settlements. This popularity has led some fans to wonder if Bethesda might include a similar element in the next Elder Scrolls game.

Work on The Elder Scrolls 6 could have begun shortly after Skyrim’s release, but even so, it could still be implemented later in development. Alternately, Bethesda might have had the concept in mind for both Elder Scrolls and Fallout from the start.

Of course, it couldn’t work in exactly the same way. Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and society is attempting to rebuild. In that context, it makes sense that you would build up new settlements from scratch. In the Elder Scrolls universe, it would feel much more out of place to suddenly start a new town.

However, there are many ways it could be incorporated. For example, instead of full-fledged settlements, perhaps you could set up smaller outposts. If the game includes war-torn areas, perhaps you could help people re-settle abandoned towns. Since we still don’t know the setting for The Elder Scrolls 6, it could take place in a more isolated area where it would make sense to start a new town. And on a smaller scale, the player character could be given an estate to customize and expand. An estate wouldn’t have the same sort of population, but players could hire NPCs as servants or invite characters to stay as guests.

These are just a few of the ways Fallout 4’s settlement system could be added to The Elder Scrolls 6. Some fans think this would be a fantastic idea and a great addition to the series, while others feel such a system would be pointless and only serve to fill a gap left by meaningful side quests.

What do you think? Is settlement-building a feature you’d like to see implemented in the next Elder Scrolls game? If so, how would you like the game to handle it?