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Microsoft has announced the launch of Skype for Business for Mac Preview, which will roll out in three stages. For starters, it will be available for IT administrators, then it will become accessible to larger group of users, and finally, Microsoft will release the public version. This version of Skype offers additional security, Outlook integration and users are able to make calls to up to 250 people.

Microsoft has thought about a three-stage preview rollout plan and the first phase already started on April 26. For now, the Mac Business client gives users the possibility to see their meeting on that day and the next day, pulled in from the Exchange-powered Outlook Calendar. Users will be able to join in meetings very easy, with a single click, they will view content, share screens, use full screen video and invite other people to join.

The Phase 2 preview will be released in early summer and will bring “instant messaging, presence and contacts” capabilities, while the Phase 3 is planned to be released in late summer and will come with “telephony and related features.” The Mac client will work on El Capitan and it’s possible to use an older client called Lync for Mac 2011.

Microsoft has also announced the list of improvements made to Office 2016 in April, so Skype for Business users will have instant messaging access from Office 2016 documents by clicking the link at the “the top right corner of documents.” In the same location are showed pictures of collaborators and a new document activity feed, and in this will be displayed the history of shared files that suffered changes made by participants. In addition, each participant in document collaborations will have his/her picture shown on the document’s ribbon. By clicking on collaborator images, users can jump directly to the document section in works.