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Here is a list of thing we want to see at the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus, but that probably won’t happen until S8.

USB Type C

Apparently Samsung will not adopt the USB Type C integration just yet for the S7 and S7 Edge. Even though it commented on the compatibility of the Gears VR handset that relies on microUSB 2.0, Samsung engineers are less accustomed with the specifics of newer Type C ports. The Type A port has been the Samsung standard for the last years, and using the Type C port will have also made the S7 smartphone less cohesive and not as rounded as it is by using the older port version.

The return of the removable battery

Users expect the insertion of a removable battery as it has turned out by now that they aren’t satisfied with the non-removable battery fueling the devices because once they are dead that’s it for the phone, there’s no getting it back, there’s no resurrecting it. However, what we do know is that Samsung will be including a microSD card slot in the Galaxy S7.

Native Support for Quick Charge 3.0

The S7 uses a Snapdragon processor meant to make a battery last longer but charge faster and that latter aspect means that the battery will weaken quicker.

A change in design

Both the S7 and the S7 Edge follow closely on the appearance of their predecessors. The latter devices have an appealing design but we wish it would steer towards a full metal body.

More MPs

The resolution of the camera is an important aspect and we expect to see all of the improvements made in the last Galaxy devices complete with higher resolution sensors, supporting between 18 to 24 MP.

The IR blaster

It’s a feature that allows a phone to act as a remote control for any other device that has an IR (infrared) receiver – by that we specifically mean TVs. It has been one of the best perks of smartphones since Nokia 8210 so let’s hope we will see it in S7 too.

Front facing stereo

We’d like to see that on the new model because it provides better audio experience, but apparently it won’t have that feature. Maybe it will be incorporated into the S8.