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Unfortunately, for Nintendo, its last game console – Wii U – sold about 10 million units which is very little compared to other gaming console makers like GameCube which sold 30 million units. Although the Wii hosted great games, improved online functionality and had a unique control set-up it just didn’t spark the public’s interest like its predecessor did  – the original Wii – which sold about 100 million units worldwide.

Therefore, Nintendo is planning a new market approach that involves creating mobile games in cooperation with DeNA  a Japanese firm. Not only that, but it’s also already planning the release of the console’s successor – the Nintendo NX.

It’s a very difficult time for Nintendo and Nintendo fans because it really doesn’t quite know where to go from here and as Joshua Kennedy from Sonian Capital Management put it – the market doesn’t understand what Nintendo is and as a result, its stocks have been mispriced. Nintendo tends to have a peak and valley sales pattern which means that it hits it big with its consoles at first but then the sales drops significantly. Not only that, but it’s very conspicuous when it comes to sharing information about their devices or software which discourages investors.

As for the Nintendo NX, Kennedy said that it will replace both Wii U and the DS console because it has been very difficult in the past for Nintendo to have two different hardware platforms and the problems regarding the making of different games for those platforms will be solved by the next console which will unify them.

Nintendo NX may be launched in March 2017

Recently new rumors place the release date for Nintendo NX in march 2017, after earlier speculations placed it at the 2016 E3 expo. Recently, a financial report from Nintendo came out and it says there that a “Brand new concept” will be released in March 2017.

The Wii U is not dead

After rumors soared about the cancellation of the production of Wii U so that it could focus on the launch of the NX console, Nintendo came out and said that the production of Wii U will not stop and that it will continue in this quarter and in the next quarters.

The NX will unite Nintendo’s home and handheld markets

The 3DS is another high grossing handheld console made by Nintendo but a successor for it has not been announced yet, so the best guess is that the unifying aspect of NX will bring the features of the handheld consoles and home consoles together. Perhaps it will enable players to start a game at home and then continue it outside on the handheld console.

It will be just as powerful as other consoles

The latest devices produced by Nintendo have been less powerful than their competitor’s devices but that will supposedly change with the NX models which may bear parity with the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of receiving third party games – which the other Nintendo consoles couldn’t do.

Those third party supports and games are essential for Nintendo if they want to claim share of the gaming market. So far, only Nintendo games can be played on Nintendo devices.

It may have a unique controller

Images have leaked on the Nintendo NX controller and they show a very interesting controller with a screen covering the entirety of its surface which may bring a lot of touch screen related perks like altering the button layouts at will

It will use cloud power

The leaked patents also show that the machine will have additional power through remote servers and that that will make it a more visually breathtaking game experience.