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A study made in the UK shows that most employees send more than 100 private texts each day. What they don’t know though, is the fact that their employers might be seeing what they are sending.

There has been some research showing that while at work, many employees in British companies are sending lots of messages. More often than not, their messages are personal, and even include applications or questions regarding other jobs. As much as 70% of the workers here confessed to sending personal messages through Facebook, Whatsapp, other social networks or simply email or text at work. However, very few people know what the regulations are regarding this practice at work.

So how are things in fact? Truth is that your employer has the right of monitoring and tracking the messages you send using the company devices. This rule is quite recent, since it came in after this year an employee was fired after it was found out that he was chatting with his fiancée on Yahoo Messenger when he was at work.

However, it is important to stress the fact that it’s not necessarily a mistake to text while at work, but it matters a lot what you are actually saying. According to several studies, 40% of people have sent messages to another (potential) employer while they were at work. Other 9% have been talking about personal matters in these messages and some of them even flirted with co-workers, and 31% have done online shopping. This is why, next time when you’re bored at work, you might want to rethink the decision of sexting your partner or going shopping for that great item you saw the other day. Or even worse, apply for other jobs!

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