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Since there is no news regarding a Minecraft 2 game, the original version of Minecraft is continuously getting updated. Mojang is working on new patches for its Minecraft game and today they’ve just released the 1.9.3 update for it.

Minecraft Update 1.9.3: What’s New?


– An issue that was causing pathfinding memory leak has been fixed;
– The chunk generation performance has been improve by 20-30% (over 1.9 version);
– The code has been optimized;
– Collisions will no longer cause huge lags;
– The colored “dead” skin template parts will not cause in-game issues;
– The skin’s jacket parts will now *always* show up;
– Other various crashes have been fixed.

Performance Improvements:

– The game will run more smoothly from now on, but keep in mind that some players may experience the same performance as before;
– A few players might feel that the game’s performance is worse than before;
– If you had problems running Minecraft before, this update might fix the crashing issues.

How To Install Minecraft 1.9.3 snapshot

The Minecraft 1.9.3 pre-release patch is now available only via snapshot. If you want to test it out, you will need to open the game’s launcher and click on “New Profile” and name it “snapshots” or whatever you want. You will also need to make sure that the box named “Enable experimental development snapshot” is checked and save it. Now, go back to your worlds and run the game from a different folder, as they are usually very unstable.

HINT: You will be able to use this profile for the future snapshots.

In the meantime, Minecraft has received the second pre-release of 1.9.3 containing four important bug fixes: Endermen are no longer aggressive when you’re looking at their head/feet; Notch skin appeared black; game was crashing when joining the server or when opening the redstone world; game was crashing after one or two hours.

Is your game crashing more often than before or it is more stable? Have you found any issues and reported them to developers?