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The Android operating system has supported the Adobe Flash Player in the past, but it was officially stopped by Adobe as they could not quite bring a smooth mobile Flash experience to their users. Aside from the Android developers, Apple has also decided to disallow Flash on the iOS, as they see web developers trying to move to HTML5.

However, we cannot really ignore the fact that there are benefits of having the Flash Player, so many people still seek to install the plash on their Android devices. Also, a huge number of websites are still relying on Flash, causing some issues in mobile browsing without having the Flash Player installed on your device. If you want to play a Flash-based game or watch an online video, you will not be able to do it on a stock Android device because it lacks support. Lucky for us, there still remain a few solutions to get the player up and running on any Android tablet or smartphone, even though the company has already discontinued support for the player. Follow these steps:

  • On your device, go to Settings > Security and then check the unknown sources option that you will find under device administration. Do not forget to uncheck it after you have completed installing the Adobe Flash Player if you are not planning to manually install any application in future.
  • Download the Adobe Flash installer file from the company’s official link to your PC or download it directly from your Android device to save some time as you will not need to connect your device to your PC and transfer the installer to your tablet or phone.
  • Open the installation file on your Android device and tap on “Install”. Once the installation completes, tap on “Done”.
  • Download the Dolphin browser from the Google Play Store and install it. Once installed, open the browser’s settings page and make sure you enable the Jetpack feature. Then, select “web content” and set the Flash Player option to “Always On”.
  • If necessary, reboot your device.

Now, whenever you open a page with flash content, it should properly run on the browser.

By following these steps, you will be able to install the Adobe Flash Player on any tablet or smartphone that runs on Android OS. For more information about the Adobe Flash Player, browse this page.