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We all experienced it at some point: deleting by mistake a conversation or a message, only to realize afterwards that it was pretty important and we shouldn’t have done that. But what do you do that? Thankfully, there are some easy steps to recover them!

  1. Get some data recovery software for Android. There are several programs available online, you just have to choose a good one. If you’re not sure, you can read some reviews online and see which is best for you.
  2. Connect the phone with the PC. When you get a prompt with the program on the window, take your USB cable and connect the phone to the PC.
  3. Check the USB debugging. Before doing anything else, you have to enable USB debugging on the phone. IF you don’t do this, the PC will not recognize it and you won’t be able to continue. After you do this, let them connect and the PC will check the phone data. Pay attention, you should only do this from a safe and private computer, since malware can get access to your data.
  4. Scan the data. The PC will then ask you for permission for scanning data. Allow it, and then check the box with the lost data you plan to recover.
  5. After scanning it, you will be able to view all the lost and deleted data. Then, you can simply restore the messages you have accidentally deleted. However, this does not apply only to messages, but to pictures, apps and other data that you may have accidentally lost.

One last step is perhaps learning to be more careful when deleting something and asking yourself several times if you’re not sure you need to keep the respective data.

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