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The awesome thing about Android apps is the fact you can choose from a wide array of options the most efficient or better one for your needs, whether they are related to time managing, social media or many other aspects that make your life convenient.

There are two types of Android apps, those that come pre-installed in the phone like Google Calendar, Youtube or Gmail and those the third party Android apps that are developed by companies that have nothing to do with Google and they can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Some of the most common of the latter type are those that are pre-installed into phones by mobile carriers.

Here are some must have Android apps that will make your life more comfortable:

Mr. Number

This app is perfect for people looking to block incoming calls from people or companies they don’t want to interact with at any given time. It enables you to block the caller completely or to make his call go directly into voicemail. It’s pretty useful if you don’t want to be bothered during a meeting, an interview or an exam.


This app records your sleeping patterns and the sounds and moves you make during sleep and can definitely be of use to you when going to a doctor and he asks you for details.


From the GPS app family comes this little app which brings alerts to speed traps and the option of sensing someone real-time driving info.


This app is perfect for people who type too fast and make many grammar errors in the process. It’s very accurate when it comes to auto-corrections and suggestions.

TV Shows Favs

We all know that sometimes we like to know ahead of time when a series that we like will go on or be canceled, as well as when the next episode will be. This app keeps you up to date with the developments regarding your fav TV series.