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The competition between these three messaging apps is fierce and here we are helping you decide which one of them suits your needs better, apart from all of them being completely free to download and use.

WhatsApp, Skype and Viber calling

When it comes to calling And WhatsApp you should know that those who use this app can only call other people that have the app and there is no video calling option. So, if you’re keen on video-calling people, this app is probably not for you.

Skype is better suited for video calling and even voice calling… apart from the expected text written conversation. However it’s just as exclusive as WhatsApp when it comes to calling people. Skype users worldwide can invite anyone to join a Skype chat by sharing a unique link – no Skype account or app download is required for users to join video calls or group conversations.

Viber is no different in that sense. It supports video calling as well among Viber users that are online but if you want to talk to non Viber users, you have to buy credit.

WhatsApp, Skype and Viber compatibility

WhatsApp can be used primarily on Android, iOS, Windows phones or on the Website, whereas Skype can be used on almost all devices. Viber, on the other hand, works better for Android, iOS, Nokia, Windows, Blackberry and the website among others.

WhatsApp, Skype and Viber groups

While it is possible to have up to 100 people group chatting, so far it’s not possible to do that in terms of video calling.

So far, in terms of quantity of members in group video calling, Skype takes the crown. It can support up to 300 people in group chats and up to 25 people in videoconference calls.

Viber cannot support video-calling for groups yet, but it does support group chatting. Based on all of this info about the apps, I’m sure you’ll choose the right one for you.