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While we have reported some interesting information about the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, there are reports that the identities of the game’s Legendaries might have just been leaked.

It is said that would seem that the developers of the Pokemon games, Game Freak, have just filed for 2 new trademarks that could possibly be the names of the legendary Pokemon in the upcoming game. According to an eagle-eyed user, called Watch Da Birdie, the names are Solgaleo and Lunaala, prompting speculations that they will be the mascots for the game.

As most fans speculate over every new upcoming Pokemon game, there would be new monsters to be added to the franchise’s ever-expanding list. When the Pokemon Sun and Moon was officially announced about 2 months ago, there have been teases of the existence of 10 new mysterious characters, with one being the mythical Magearna, but Nintendo have kept a relatively tight lid on what gamers can expect. But basing on this new hint, we can have an idea on 2 new legendary Pokemon.

Judging by the names, we can see that they correspond to the theme of sun and moon, with Solgaleo likely being the sun and Lunaala being the moon. As with the “leo” at the end of Solgaleo, this could suggest that the new creatures might also be lion-themed, which potentially make it the first legendary lion Pokemon since Entei.

Though it is not uncommon for leaked trademarks for past Pokemon games to actually turn out to be true, it is certainly possible that this is real and that we can expect these storyline representatives, with the official reveal of the content of the game rumored to be announced next month. Aside from these two trademarks, it is said that GameFreak has also filed a trademark for the name “Gigareki”.

The only concern we have here is that these names were registered through Yusuki Inui, a private Japanese intellectual property lawyer, and we all know that Pokemon trademark properties are under the known titles of Nintendo, Game Freak or The Pokemon Company. However, it is not unheard of for big companies to register their trademarks using aliases to try to prevent secrets from being revealed. Considering that many people around the world are impatiently anticipating Pokemon Sun and Moon, we can just assume that Nintendo has been pulling out all means to prevent any leaks. Based on what little we know about the game, including its rumored tropical setting, the company has truly done a great job in keeping close to its chest its cards. Now, if Solgaleo and Lunaala do indeed turn out to be the new Pokemon Legendaries, you might want to look into updating your list of the rarest Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is scheduled to be launched this holiday season in the fourth quarter of 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. For more related news and information, check out our posts on Pokemon Sun and Moon.