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We’re sure lots of you have heard about the NFC feature, but how many of you are actually using it? Our guess is that few people actually take advantage of this amazing technology feature. So how should you actually use it? We’re gonna help you with some examples!

But first, how do you enable it? It’s easy, you have to have a device that supports it. Obviously! If you do have one, you just have to go to Settings, then select Wireless & networks and enable NFC. Also, the person to whom you want to transfer something has to have NFC enabled too.

And now, how do you use it? You just have to bring the two devices together, or use the Android Beam option from the Share menu when you select the file you want to send. What can you send though?

One of the most often uses of NFC is sending a phone number. It’s the easiest way to give somebody your phone number (or somebody else’s), since you don’t type anything. You just have to select the contact in your address book, bring the two devices close, and when you get a prompt saying “touch to beam”, tap on it.

Another situation when NFC is quite useful is when you need to send a picture. Of course, you can also use Snapchat, but if you don’t have an Internet connection, for example. Just like above, you have to open the picture and bring the phones together.

Last but not least, you could use it if you want to send a document. However, if you want to send a PDF document and you’re currently viewing it, you might accidentally send the app you use for viewing it instead of the document. So you have to use the Share button for the file itself, and guess what? You have to bring the devices together!